Wine in Assyrian Empire

In the 9th Century B.C. the Assyrian Empire attain it’s peak of glory and extesion. Under the kings Ashurnasirpal II and Shalmanasar III Assyria receives wine as an object of tribute, among the usual stuff of showing subordination in  the Middle East like gold, silver, cattle, sheep, horses and mules.

Sennacherib, the great king,

the mighty king,
king of the world,
king of Assyria,

king of the four quarters,
the wise shepherd,

favorite of the great gods,
guardian of right,

lover of justice,
who lends support,

who comes to the aid of the destitute,
who performs pious acts,

perfect hero,
mighty man,

first among all princes,
the powerful one who consumes
the insubmissive,
who strikes the wicked with the thunderbolt….

(translation Luckenbill 1924)









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